shout down on floor of house of reps

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House Democrats Stage a Sit-in on the House Floor on Gun Control ,Jun 22Metroplank 2016 “We are going to hold the floor of the House of Representatives … until you were sitting downMetroplank three people were shot and killed in LaceyMetroplank

House floor erupts after GOP lawmaker shouts 'Go back to Puerto Rico',Jan 17Metroplank 2019 The House floor erupted Thursday shortly before Congress down in Puerto Rico last weekend during the government shutdownMetroplank not towards

Rep. Wilson shoutsMetroplank 'You lie' to Obama during speech -,Sep 10Metroplank 2009 A Republican House member shoutedMetroplank "You lie" during President Obama's health care speech to Congress on WednesdayMetroplank and toward the outburst as Vice President Joe Biden looked down and shook his head. Sheila Jackson LeeMetroplank D-TexasMetroplank

2016 United States House of Representatives sit-in - Wikipedia,The 2016 United States House of Representatives sit-in began on June 22Metroplank 2016Metroplank when members of the House Democratic CaucusMetroplank led by Georgia Representative John Lewis and Massachusetts Representative Katherine ClarkMetroplank and Illinois Representative Robin KellyMetroplank declared th

House Rebukes Wilson for Shouting 'You Lie' - The New York Times,Sep 15Metroplank 2009 A vote on a rebuke to Representative Joe Wilson came after a In a mainly party line vote of 240 to 179Metroplank the House held that by shouting “You lie” during the took the floor to criticize Democrats for conducting what Representative John a r

House Republicans shout down Rosenstein in tense hearing - Reuters,Jun 28Metroplank 2018 U.S. House Republican allies of President Donald Trump shouted and came as Republicans brought to the House floor a non-binding resolution as a possible precursor to holding Rosenstein in contempt of Congress.

House Democrats shout Paul Ryan down as he tries to stop ,Jun 22Metroplank 2016 House Democrats shouted over Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) late Tuesday night as Its cameras were shut down earlier in the dayMetroplank forcing Rep.

Democrats end House sit-in protest over gun control - CNNPolitics,Jun 24Metroplank 2016 Democrats decided to end their day-long sit-in protest on the House floor over gun control Thursday. "We must come back here on July 5th [when Congress returns to to continue to pushMetroplank to pullMetroplank to stand upMetroplank and if necessaryMetroplank to sit down.

State Rep shouts at House SpeakerMetroplank refuses to 'stay on the -,Mar 21Metroplank 2019 Rep. Juandalynn Givan called Republicans "cowardly" and shouted at angry on the floor of the Alabama House of Representatives todayMetroplank calling her in that exchange that was so bad that he shut the microphone down?

Democrat responds to being told 'go back to Puerto Rico' on House ,Jan 17Metroplank 2019 Rep. Tony Cárdenas (D-Calif.) said a Republican telling him to "go Democrat responds to being told 'go back to Puerto Rico' on House floor "Was speaking to all the Democrats who were down vacationing in telling Democratic

Dingell shouted downMetroplank but House passes domestic violence bill,Apr 4Metroplank 2019 You can't shout down a womanMetroplank" she said. Washington — In an unusual displayMetroplank several Republican lawmakers shouted down Michigan Rep. Debbie Dingell on Thursday as she spoke on the House floor about

1954 Shooting US House of Representatives: HistoryMetroplank Art & Archives,On March 1Metroplank 1954Metroplank while Members gathered on the House Floor for an upcoming voteMetroplank three men and one woman entered the visitor's gallery above the

Government shutdown: House and Senate vote to end shutdown ,Jan 23Metroplank 2018 Trump signed bill to reopen government after both the House and Senate been reached with the White House and House of RepresentativesMetroplank" Graham said in a back on trackMetroplank" McConnell said Saturday on the Senate floor. . 9:15 p.m. Gov

Fight in House of Representatives After Moment of Silence,Jun 13Metroplank 2016 A dramatic scene unfolded in the House of Representatives following a Trump says 'Iran made a very big mistake' after U.S. drone shot down.

House Democrats' sit-in lasted 26 hours. House Republicans held ,Jun 23Metroplank 2016 And other facts about Congress's (short) history with sit-ins. House Democrats were on the floor reprimanding Republicans for not compromising more whenMetroplank suddenlyMetroplank The government was about to shut downMetroplank after all.

Meltdown in RI House over Black History Month speech -,Feb 26Metroplank 2019 "Sit down!" she said. "Representative HullMetroplank I will not allow you to disrupt this floor. Sit down." She then asked staffers to shut Hull's microphone

Rep. Deb Dingell Shuts Down GOP Booing Her: 'You Can't Shout ,Apr 4Metroplank 2019 During her floor speechMetroplank Republicans tried to shut down the Deb Dingell took to the Floor of the House to talk about the provision in VAWA

Democrats continue House sit-in demanding vote on gun control ,Jun 22Metroplank 2016 I'm amazed here on the House floor that to them [Democrats] it's all about guns. on the floor – and began reading the names of the 49 people shot dead I would be sitting down on the floor of the House of RepresentativesMetroplank

'You Can't Shout Down a Woman!': Rep. Dingell -,Apr 4Metroplank 2019 Congresswoman Debbie Dingell took to the floor of the House of Representatives on Thursday to talk about a bill that furthered restrictions on