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Naval Terminology L-Z - San Diego Navy History,Jun 11Metroplank 2005 Admonishment meaning be alert or move fast. . The "half-deck" was half the length of the shipMetroplank and the They explained that the letters S.O.S. were just a quick and compelling combination to command instant attention.

Military Phrases - Business Insider,Jan 2Metroplank 2014 "I was on the FOB when the IDF hitMetroplank so I radioed the TOC" — there's also a series of commonly used phrases which deserve some attention.


Officer of the deck - Wikipedia,An officer of the deck (OOD) is a watchstanding position in a ship's crew in the United States . Attention in the pilot house (or bridge)Metroplank Lieutenant Doe has the deck." An exchange of hand salutes would also be appropriateMetroplank depending on the

How is a room called to attention in the US army? - Quora,What is your job called in the British army (in the US army it's called a “officer on the deck"Metroplankat this point everyone would stand at attention.

All hands on deck - Idioms by The Free Dictionary,Definition of all hands on deck in the Idioms Dictionary. all hands on deck phrase. What does all hands on deck expression mean? Definitions by the largest

attention on deck WordReference Forums,Is it attention / on / deck (deck here refers to the deck of the ship)? Or is it attention / on deck ( - on deck: 1. availableMetroplank ready for

Dictionary of Navy Slang Compiled From Various - The Goat Locker,HoweverMetroplank all crew members are expected to know what is said over the .. Carry on: An officers reply to a junior person's call to "attention on deck"Metroplank meaning all

What Is a PowerPoint Slide Deck? (PPT Presentations) - Business,Mar 27Metroplank 2019 If a slide deck is a collection of slidesMetroplank then what is a PPT slide? . A slide deck presentation is a chance to grab an audience's attention and

At attention - Wikipedia,The position of at attentionMetroplank or standing at attentionMetroplank is a military posture which involves the following general postures: Standing upright with an assertive and

DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms - Joint Chiefs of Staff,limited number of containersMetroplank below or above deckMetroplank and equipped with cargo-handling Intelligence that is crucial and requires the immediate attention of.

When Do You Call "attention on Deck"?,"Attention on deck" must be called as soon as a senior officer enters a room of junior rank personnel. The first What Is a List of U.S. Army Generals by Rank?

Other Courtesies (,When talking to an officer of superior rankMetroplank stand at attention until ordered the matter of who says sir or ma'am to whom is clearly defined; in civilian life it is

Funniest attention on deck pranks Compilation - YouTube,Aug 12Metroplank 2018 Being in the military is as difficult as it can be but these soldiers find a way to keep it light. Here are some attention on the deck pranks. ENJOY!

Required Knowledge,Next face the officer of the deck (OOD)Metroplank render a salute and request permission to come aboard. When the The position of attention is the basic military position from which most other drill Inappropriate relationships are defined as follows:.

Phrases — A Pirate's Glossary of Terms,ahoy. An interjection used to hail a ship or a personMetroplank or to attract attention. Arr! An exclamation. Avast! A command meaning stop or desistMetroplank from the Italian "basta"Metroplank meaning stop. Thick windows set in a ship's side or deck. Eyes.

Getting the Lowdown on Customs and Courtesies,The U.S. Military is comprised of five organizations that instill pride in their members because of historyMetroplank missionMetroplank capabilitiesMetroplank and respect that has been earned

Attention on Deck - Flight Safety Foundation,Dec 18Metroplank 2012 As flight deck displays become more numerous and more sophisticated Attention is formally defined as the mechanism that takes place in the

Military Customs and Courtesies,When it is well defined and uniformly followed. • When it is walkingMetroplank you should be at attention when saluting. In . Then salute the officer of the deck (OOD).

Attention on Deck: Fashion's Adoption of the N1 Deck Jacket,Sep 28Metroplank 2018 Vintage military collector Will Varnam analyses how the N1 deck jacket has emerged as a contemporary menswear classic. He also lists three

Air Force Customs and Courtesies - The Balance Careers,Saluting and standing at attention are among the Air Force's customs. Share; Flip; Pin; Share; Email. By Rod Powers. Updated December 27Metroplank 2018. Within the