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Know your rights when you have a fence war with your neighbours,Oct 22Metroplank 2017 It isn't a wall of a buildingMetroplank nor is it a retaining wall – except if it's used If one neighbour wants a higher standard fence than requiredMetroplank then they pets you're happy for them to have in the yardMetroplank but not in the house. .. As

Help! Neighbor changed grade to flood my backyard!,AgainMetroplank she raised her entire yard up to and slightly above the retaining wall. wall missing between the back of the house to the middle of the fence on the left side. it and the pipe itself should be wrapped in fabric to prevent dirt from entering. .. Ther

Neighbor Complaints - 16 Reasons Your Neighbors Are Likely to ,It's been said that “Good fences make good neighborsMetroplank” but getting along with your If your pooch gets out and starts visiting other housesMetroplank one of your neighbors may call Getting your dog back may require paying a fine of $100 or more. . in a neighbor&

Adjoining land being built up a foot higher than mine (pool ,A company is building some kind of lot on a narrow piece of land directly There's a fence at my back property lineMetroplank and a foot or two the other side of zoning and planning requirements are for your neighbor's developmentMetroplank Much will depend upon you

Construction next door? Guard your rightsMetroplank politely Newsday,Mar 10Metroplank 2011 When your next-door neighbor tells you he's building a two-story For more than a yearMetroplank they offered the contractor working next door free use building site and hay bales are positioned to prevent mudMetroplank soil and But years laterMetroplank when her

How to Keep Water from Damaging the Foundation of Your Home ,How to Keep Water from Damaging the Foundation of Your Home AlsoMetroplank make sure borders on flower beds have openings to allow rainwater to drain away from the house. Would building a wall in front of the sidewalk prevent this problem. . your yard or placing mo

Fence Installation Questions Home Guides SF Gate,Whether you are installing a fence yourself or hiring a contractor to do the ordinances in place that require you to get a permit before building a fence. In most casesMetroplank you will not strictly need to consult your neighbors before installing a fenceMetroplank Allow

Home Exterior Basics Fence Building Law - The Spruce,Oct 23Metroplank 2018 Learn how building a fence brings on legal obligations such as notifying neighborsMetroplank sharing costs and controlling height.

How Close Can I Put A Fence to My Property Line?,May 12Metroplank 2017 You're more likely to be permitted to build right on the property line in a If your neighbors install a fence inside their property line as wellMetroplank It also may be an issue if you sell the house and the new owners think the property outside t

How to Build a Privacy Fence: Build a Fence for Privacy The Family ,There's more than one reason to get a fence-building permit from city hall. Build Ever live in a house where the gates were too small or in the wrong place? If you have a neighbor you like to visitMetroplank would like to access your back yard from both sides of y

How to block water draining from neighbor's yard - Houzz,Mar 12Metroplank 2006 The house built behind was supposed to do the same (highest in to the bottom of the fenceMetroplank then adding bags of dirt to cover the flashing and

How Do I Stop My Neighbor From Building a Front Yard Fence? Nolo,My neighbor told me he is going to build a fence in his front yard to keep kids and to be made out of woodMetroplank masonryMetroplank or metalMetroplank and be no taller than four feet.

California's New "Good Neighbor" Fence Law - Property Attorney,As a practical matterMetroplank if you paid to put up a fenceMetroplank your neighbor was obligated to The new law creates much more certainty with regard to neighbors' .. We bought our home 3 years ago from the original owner (house was built in 2004). .. The retaining

Chris Horne on neighbor dispute over property line - YouTube,May 29Metroplank 2015 Chris Horne on neighbor dispute over property line Show more Palm City Resident Says Neighbors Put Fence Around Property - Duration:

Neighbor won't pay for his half of new fence - Daily Republic,May 25Metroplank 2011 A medium-sized dog could squeeze under in spots without getting its belly dirty. In that caseMetroplank if a neighbor builds a fenceMetroplank the fenceless owner If the neighbor has a fence around his houseMetroplank whether he likes it or Getting your money can i

Garden Fence & Screen Privacy Ideas Empress of Dirt,Feb 1Metroplank 2016 Pirvacy fence ideas using fence or screens to block out a neighbor's view If a low fence height is a problemMetroplank you can also make a fence taller.