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In 2003, the first Red chilli Sichuan restaurant opened, creating a new era of traditional Sichuan cuisine in Sydney. Red chilli Sichuan restaurant not only has the most authentic of Sichuan at the time of Sichuan, Sichuan, while creating a self-help eat hot pot, get the Sydney Morning News special report praised.

In 2005, many media began to report Red chilli  characteristics of the traditional Sichuan.

In 2007, Burwood shop opened, for the Sydney Western diners sent a family-like warmth.

In 2008, Glebe hotpot opened, for the majority of Sydney’s gourmet for the first time the introduction of Ganguo cuisine, from the spicy pan pot prevails in Sydney.

In 2009, the Harbor City store opened – opened up a new school in Sichuan, the development of Sichuan. In Sydney, Sichuan to open the traditional vegetable – lettuce co-production plan.

2010, Chatswood shop opened, marking the beginning of Red chilli New Sichuan and Australia to explore the combination of seafood. Media evaluation “come or live to regret” (missed will regret for life).

In 2011, brisbane shop will be famous in Sydney’s Red chilli traditional Sichuan cuisine to carry forward to Queensland, for local diners brought unprecedented Sichuan feast.

In 2012, the Sydney Municipal Government to participate in the Lunar New Year Food Festival, more foreigners to popularize the Sichuan knowledge, well-known host of warm appreciation. In the same year, as a Chinese representative in the Chinese Embassy in the cooking show, received praise from all directions. Start the Sichuan special annual food – bacon, sausages and camphor tea duck production plan.

In 2013, the ninth channel of Sydney interview Glebe hot pot restaurant, praised its “wonderful eating”, evaluation “easy to pass, hard to forget” (easily missed, unforgettable). The same year launched the “Shuijingfang Sichuan out of Sydney” program.

In 2014, Peisi shop opened, so that the other end of the mainland diners can enjoy the authentic taste of Sichuan.

Adelaide stores opened in 2015. In the same year, he co-organized the “Culture China · Chinese Food Sydney Station” project organized by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council.

In 2016, Melbourne Red chilli· store opened, the mainstream of Chinese cuisine and authentic Sichuan collision of the wonderful sparks.